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One hour wellness visits: $120. Wellness visits are treatments aimed at preventative care and maintenance of healthy, painfree movement. 

I currently accept major credit cards, cash or check payable to BodyWisdom PT.


I do not bill insurance and I am not a participating provider for any insurance company. If you have PPO insurance it is possible that you can be reimbursed for some or all of your PT services, depending on your plan. Please check with your insurance company regarding out of network physical therapy benefits.




The journey of wellbeing is one of self-discovery and self-respect.  When we learn to really listen to our body, we become aware of what is healing and also what can delay healing. Our thoughts, our feelings and our actions can all contribute either to wellness or “dis-ease”.  Hands on healing techniques can be one helpful tool to help us learn more about our body and its ability to heal. Learning healthy posture and how to move with ease is also an important element of wellness.

My goal is to assist you in learning to take the best possible care of yourself. Your willingness to act on your own behalf will bring you the strength you need to manifest those gifts that are yours to give. We all need time to heal, and we can never know exactly how long it will take, but if we learn something about ourselves in the process, we can emerge from our challenges “better than ever”!

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