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  • "I have had decreased range of motion in my left hip for 40 years, which was a side effect of surgery. I have been through physical therapy 3 times, and nothing that was done increased my ability to move it. I figured that I was stuck like this for the rest of my life. Within 30 minutes, Cynde got my left hip moving to full range of motion! In fact it was moving even more than the right hip. So, she fixed that side too, and now sitting and walking is so much easier for me. I felt a lot of tension leave my body as she was working on me. A+++++!" -Ann Kulichik

  • "My experience with Cynde's treatment has been excellent.  She is well trained and experienced in physical therapy, plus several additional holistic modes of treatment.  I have found Cynde to be an excellent listener who thoughtfully tailors each appointment to what your body needs on that particular day.  She conveys a genuine interest and caring for her patients, as well as a positive attitude.   All of this combines to really facilitate the healing process."  - Ruth C., Westford   


  • "On 1/9/18 I had the pleasure of having Cynde Reilly perform Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) for me. I went to her after receiving a breast thermography report which indicated severe inflammation on one side. Cynde expertly performed the lymph drainage on that side and cleared several areas that were constricting proper lymph drainage. Cynde also did work for my liver and, based on my answers to her questions, checked other areas as well. Her manual technique is gentle in areas where this is beneficial and is deeper when it is required to remove constricted areas to get things flowing again. Cynde was always mindful to ask about my comfort during the entire process. She also explained everything as she went along, which I found very reassuring and educational. Not only is she very knowledgeable and well-trained in lymphatic drainage technique, she is a very caring person with a lovely, serene demeanor who takes the utmost care. Overall, I highly recommend Cynde Reilly for LDT services." - Lee D. of Middleboro, MA

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