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Facets to healing

There are many facets to healing. Learning to recognize and address the different elements for healing can be very helpful. Inflammation can cause pain and swelling, but there are many different factors which can contribute to it. It is possible to treat this symptom with anti-inflammatory over the counter medication, but this will not address the cause of the inflammation in the first place. One factor contributing to inflammation is biomechanical stress. Our body is well designed to withstand varied and repeated physical stresses, but has its limits. Decreased tolerance for activity can result from fascial restrictions either directly, or indirectly. Fascial listening allows a primary area of restriction to be identified. This can be treated with gentle manual techniques and then make possible a cascade of beneficial changes thanks to increased flexibility. Fascial release can feel subtle, yet when applied to the correct area of the body it can bring about significant improvements. The reason for this includes the change in information to the nervous system’s sense receptors, making it possible to change the way we move through improved facilitation of movement by the nervous system. More on the nervous system coming soon…

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