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What is holistic physical therapy?

Holistic means to take into account not just the parts, but how they relate to the whole. I have developed a deepening appreciation for holistic healing simply because of my experience in working with the whole body and the good results I have seen. I have noticed that true healing requires some kind of transformation, some kind of change in perspective or awareness. It doesn't matter if the issue presenting is physical, or emotional, as all that presents to us actually encompasses all our levels of being. The better we get at listening, the more we learn, and the more integrated our lives become. If we have neck pain, we can take some pain relievers and that may change our level of pain temporarily, but nothing will have changed and the neck pain can come back. If we learn to listen to our pain, we will begin to respond in different ways; we will develop a more cooperative relationship with our bodies. Holistic treatments are those treatments that nurture this learning process, and don't interfere with the dialogue between self, mind and body. We may decide to change our actions and our thoughts. We may decide to breathe deeply. We may decide to think differently about what it means to have a pain or disability. If we do, then we have taken the first step toward true healing. My goal is to help guide you along this path.

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